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bomb the drone

A minor (open-source) act of insurgent citizenship and imaginative transgressions instigated by @demilit.

Step 1: Download an image of a drone. Here’s one… Or try wikimedia… Or the Air Force…

Step 2: Bomb the fuck out of that drone!

Step 3: Post it to the web.

Step 4: Let us know by saving it with a tag for #demilit and/or #bombthedrone. (We encourage you to make sure it is licensed for non-commercial distribution.)

This is one example:

Want to send us your graffiti and we’ll bomb the drone for you? Post your art to flickr, and add the tag “bombthedrone”

"Grafitea el drone! Un acto de insurgencia e imaginación colectiva instigado por @demilit"

Some of the drones people have posted can be found via our archives.

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