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Please read @librarybazaar’s well-spoken take on the pitfalls of mixing high-schools and DARPA research. Much more to add to this discussion, but he discovers one incongruity that sticks-out like a sore thumb: Make editor-in-chief and BoingBoing founder Mark Frauenfelder was totally anti-DARPA, until he was in favor of it.: 

What I do know is that a few years ago the current editor-in-chief of Make Magazine stated that an appropriate logo for one DARPA project would be a boot stomping on a human face. Now he thinks they are awesome. The reason? Until we engage in an open discussion, we really can’t know.

Make, Darpa, and the line in the sand, Part Two

Presumably, now that DARPA puts a tiny bit of money in education, the boot-stomping part can be overlooked?

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